Coed Softball

Coed Softball participants in a group picture.

On Sunday evenings during the summer, our outreach into the community of Blue Springs takes on another look as the Coed Softball League goes into high gear. Singles, couples, and even other churches that are looking for a place to play ball are welcome to participate in an 6 to 9 week program. There are special rules, alternate size/type softball and certified umps to make it successful for a wide range of talent of the women and men that take part in the special atmosphere of ADP SportsPark. Each evening of play includes a league-wide time of sharing life from the scriptures that builds on our mission to meet the needs of people.


2024 Season

The season starts on Sunday, August 4.


Online registration opens Sunday, June 9.


The games are played at ADP SportsPark.

Day and Times

Coed Softball is held on Sundays. The games are played promptly at 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm.

Age Requirements

The league is open to adults (17 years old and older).


The fee is $25 for each participant.

Online registration is not open at this time.


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