Coed Volleyball

Coed Volleyball at ADP Sports

Every year since the birth of First Bible Baptist Church, the Coed Volleyball league has provided the opportunity for a fun night of exercise and connection in relationship. ADP Sports ministry rents a gym and organizes all the registrations into a 8-team league that plays on Sunday evenings during February and March. Special rules and rally scoring enhance the participation of everyone and our captains share the words of life each week in a short team meeting after a set of games. The environment for volleyball may not be onsite at ADP SportsPark, but it still carries the feel of the ADP Sports programming and mission of our ministry.

2024 Season

The season starts on Sunday, February 18 and ends Sunday, March 24.


The games are played at Grain Valley South Middle School.

Day and Times

Adult Coed Volleyball is held on Sundays and the first games will begin promptly at 5:00 pm. (Youth Coed Volleyball games are played at 4:00 pm.)

Age Requirements

The league is open to adults (17 years old and older).


The fee is $30 for each participant.

Registration Open!
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