Men’s Softball

When you gather a bunch of guys around for ball, there seems to be a blurred perspective of just how well they really play. And there is no exception in our ADP Sports Men’s Softball League! We welcome guys of all backgrounds (ages 17 to 70!) to come be part of a participation-based league of eight (8) teams during the summer months on Sunday evenings. The skill level ranges from former Major Leaguers to former college players to the young and the old. Come and be a part of the most inviting atmosphere in our area for good, clean and friendly men’s softball, where we also talk about real issues of life in a weekly devotion time after every game. We will have certified umpires for all games this year! All guys that just love the game are welcome.

2023 Season

The season starts on Sunday, June 4th and ends Sunday, July 16th.


Online registration opens Sunday, April 2nd.


The games are played at ADP SportsPark.

Day and Times

Men’s Softball is played on Sunday nights. The games begin promptly at 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm.

Age Requirements

The league is open to adults (17 years old and older).


The fee is $30 for each participant.


Fill out my online form.


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